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29th May 2013. Application has been REFUSED at the planning committee meeting. Reasons for the refusal (minutes of the Planning Committee meeting) can be seen here

12th January 2012. Sainsbury's have submitted an outline planning application for a large 50,000sq ft, out of town supermarket at the Nurden's Garden Centre site. Based on a preliminary review of this major planning application, the committee of the Malmesbury and St Paul Without Residents' Association recommend opposing the application for the reasons presented below.

Malmesbury has become a Front Runner town to develop a Neighbourhood Plan under the Government's Localism Act, which will present a community vision for the implementation of any future developmentin and around the town. Consequently the application from Sainsbury’s is premature prior to the development of this Neighbourhood Plan.
In March 2011, a Town Centre and Retail Study commissioned by Wiltshire Council, and carried out by expert consultants GVA Grimley, concluded ‘Our study has not identified any need for further out of centre development to come forward in any centre and on this basis the Council should seek to resist any proposals that would cause detrimental impact on the trading performance of any of Wiltshire’s centres’. The Study also concluded that Malmesbury could support further Convenience Goods capacity of only 209sq m by 2015, the Sainsburys application is for a store with a retail floor area of 2,744sq m, over 10 times larger than this recommendation. The Study assessed the ratio of convenience stores to total store numbers, and identified that Malmesbury has only 1.16% fewer convenience stores than the national average, this is not conclusive evidence of the need for further convenience store development.
Sainbsury’s themselves comment that they intend that 12.5% of their floor area would be non-food sales. However the company are publically on record as stating that they aim to increase non food sales by 45%. There has been no study of the impact of non-food sales on the viability and vibrancy of Malmesbury’s iconic High Street.
We believe that Malmesbury’s historic and traditional High Street is one of the key factors giving it strength of community cohesion, and making the town such an attractive place to live. As such we oppose developments which threaten these community strengths.
Our studies of the mass of documents submitted as Sainsbury's planning application are ongoing, and we will be circulating a more detailed assessment of this application in the near future. Our responses to the Sainsburys application, and the other major planning applications submitted by Waitrose for a supermarket on the Avon Mills site, and Gleeson for 180 houses and land for a primary school at Filands will follow and will be placed on MSPWRA web site.
We urge you to submit your views on the Sainsbury's planning application (11/04092/OUT) to Wiltshire Council, in writing or via Wiltshire Councils web site. The Council is legally obliged to consider all views up to the date of a planning decision, which has not yet been determined. We also recommend that you include in your comments that you intend to attend the Northern Area Planning Committee where the decision will be taken and that you want this committee to meet in Malmesbury.

Finally we recommend that you also email your comments on the application the all the members of the Northern Area Planning Committee; their email addresses can be found on our website.

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