Backbridge Farm


Persimmon submitted a number of small revisions to the application below in August 2017. The revised plans and documents can be seen on the Wiltshire Council site referenced below.


 registered 7 July 2016

Site address
Land at Backbridge Farm Malmesbury Wiltshire 
Proposed development
Proposed Residential Development Comprising 231 Dwellings (Use Class C3) and the Provision of Land for the Potential Expansion of Malmesbury Primary School, New Vehicular Access, Public Open Space, Landscaping and other Associated Infrastructure Works.

Application progress summary

  • Application registered: Thursday 7 July, 2016 
  • Comments invited until: Thursday 18 August, 2016 

The Association's comments to Wiltshire Council on this application, dated 31-Aug-16, is attached to this page. Go to the bottom of the page and click the document name to view it, or the downwards-pointing arrow on the right to download it.



Neighbourhood Plan Policy 1:

Policy 1: Land to the north west of Malmesbury, south of the Dyson Limited research and development facility and west of Malmesbury CE Primary School (sites 3A and 15) is allocated for approximately 170 dwellings of mixed types and tenures and for an extension to Malmesbury CE School, subject to the following requirements:

a) The development shall be designed to be in keeping with the character of the historic town centre and the overall approach to build form, street layout and landscape and to minimise any visual impact on the setting of the town and the Cotswolds AONB.

b) The site layout shall include provision for the construction of a new bridge suitable for pedestrians and cyclists across the River Avon to Park Road and for the provision of pedestrian and cycle links to Tetbury Hill and the town centre by way of the school access and public footpath ‘MALM 24’

c) A comprehensive masterplan shall be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for approval which ensures a fully integrated and co-ordinated development.

The masterplan should:

• Respect the buffer zone around Dyson Limited and ensuring this buffer will be designated as a natural boundary;

• Show land for public access along the river including a local nature reserve plus foot and cycle paths;

• Retain the river meadows and valleys, including the diverted river course, as natural flood zone, for the extension of the existing river walk and footpaths system, and as publicly accessible open space;

• Ensure that the existing hedgerows (including trees) will be the natural boundary of the new development. Ensure that as many of the existing hedgerows (including trees) as possible within the site are retained and allow enhancement and replacement where this is not possible;

• Support the expansion of the Malmesbury Tennis Club and ensure the expansion is in harmony in both size and build with the development and also the Primary School extension;

• Engage with stakeholders to secure the future of adjoining flood-hit facilities: Malmesbury Victoria Football Club, Athelstan Players and Malmesbury Boxing Club possibly through development led relocation.

• Maximise the pedestrian permeability in order to improve walkability in the Malmesbury extensions;

• Improve pedestrian links to the Dyson Limited site

• Ensure that the development will in every way mitigate drainage issues

Planning permission will be granted provided the above requirements are met and the development proposal conforms with the principles of the approved masterplan.

Persimmon Homes Wessex's Residential development on land at Backbridge Farm, Malmesbury.

Important Dates
28th July 2015 - Public Consultation in Town Hall 3pm to 8pm (See attached leaflet at bottom of this page)

Owain Cole,
15 Jul 2015, 04:25
John Gundry,
5 Oct 2016, 09:07