Land South of Filands (71 dwellings)

Submitted 26-July-16 
by Terence O'Rourke Ltd, 
agents for Gleeson Developments Limited

Planning application 16/07288/OUT

Land South of Filands Malmesbury Wiltshire  
Proposed development
Outline planning application (all matters reserved except means of access) for residential development, including the construction of up to 71 dwellings, the creation of new vehicular access with footways and cycleways and ancillary road infrastructure, public open spaces, children's play area, landscape planting, surface water attenuation and associated infrastructure.

The application documents are available on Wiltshire Council's site here,866217

This application is outside the allocations made in the Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan. The Association's strong objection to this outline planning permission, dated 15-Sept-16, is attached to this page below. Select the document name to read it, or the downwards-pointing arrow to the right to download it.

The application was refused by Wiltshire Council on 25th October 2016. The reasons for refusal were that "The proposal is outside of the framework boundary for Malmesbury and has not been allocated for residential development within the Wiltshire Core Strategy (January 2015) or Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan (February 2015)." The development "would result in harm to the character and appearance of the locality" and "fails to promote a sustainable pattern of development and is contrary to ... local and national policies."

Wiltshire Council's refusal was subject to an Appeal by Gleeson Developments Ltd announced in March 2017 to be conducted by the Planning Inspectorate at an Appeal Hearing in September 2017. However, the Planning Inspectorate advised in a letter of 12th July 2017 that the Appeal has been withdrawn. Hurrah.

John Gundry,
5 Oct 2016, 09:18