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Referendum 27 Nov 2014 - The Facts

posted 19 Nov 2014, 00:58 by Owain Cole
Please vote on the 27th November 2014. This will be your only chance to vote on a Neighbourhood plan for the Malmesbury area, and the outcome will influence all major planning decisions in our area for a considerable time to come. If you want to know what the effect of a Yes or a No vote is, then please read our information leaflet which is attached to this news item.

Part of the leaflet is copied here for your quick reference:

What will be the effect of a "Yes" vote?
If more people vote "Yes" than "No", Wiltshire Council will use the Neighbourhood Plan in making planning decisions in the Malmesbury Neighbourhood Area until 2026.
Those planning decisions will include:
• where houses are built, and how many;
• the numbers of affordable houses and houses for the elderly;
• the design of housing;
• aspects of commercial and economic development;
• provision of school places.
So a "Yes" vote means that for the next twelve years, Wiltshire Council will be in a stronger position to refuse planning applications which are not in line with the local wishes expressed in the Plan.

What will be the effect of a "No" vote?
If more people vote "No" than "Yes", planning applications will be decided without reference to the Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan. This will mean:
• Additional housing will still be required and would be decided in accordance with Wiltshire Council's county‐wide Planning Strategy. Policies in that Strategy which are "in favour of sustainable development" will be more likely to dictate planning decisions.
• The Plan's proposals for affordable and elderly housing will not be consulted.
• Education provision may not be in synchrony with housing development.
• House‐building need not take account of the Plan's guidance on design.

Please read the full leaflet for further information.

Owain Cole,
19 Nov 2014, 00:58